“Kim Deok-bae” Kevin the Bruyne (Manchester City) unfortunately couldn’t take the ground in Korea, but his fan service was perfect.

Manchester City (hereinafter referred to as Manchester City) lost 1-2 to Atletico Madrid (hereinafter referred to as ATM) in Game 2 of the Coupang Play Series at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul at 8 p.m. on the 30th.

Manchester City, which tied 0-0 in the first half, replaced nine field players, including Harlan, at the same time in the 10th minute of the second half. substitute Memphis Depay and Pereira Carrasco scored to turn the game around. Manchester City kept its pride as Ruben Dias recovered the goal.

It was belatedly revealed that De Bruyne, the “Manchester City Travel hero,” played until the final after suffering a torn hamstring for two months. In the end, De Bruyne underwent surgery and devoted himself to rehabilitation during the offseason, and participated in the Asian tour, but did not play in the game. In the ATM game, De Bruyne was included on the bench list, so expectations were high, “Maybe?” but he couldn’t even play.

The most popular players in Sangam, with 64,185 people, were, of course, Hollan and De Bruyne. When their faces were captured on the display board, great cheers erupted. Being close to Son Heung-min, the world’s best winger, Brawiner’s popularity was enormous. He was even caught eating snacks on his bench with an innocent face.

Fans sitting close to the bench took pictures and greeted, “Isn’t Deokbae-hyung running?” Do you know your Korean nickname? De Bruyne gave fans a big smile and shook his hand. After the game, De Bruyne walked around the ground and answered the cheers of the crowd. He expressed his apologies for not being able to come all the way to Korea and play.

De Bruyne, the world’s best winger, has scored 64 goals and provided 102 assists in 242 Premier League matches. In particular, he is a master of passing with a cross success rate of 25%. He was the best player in the world, and his fan service was perfect.


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