Chanticleer Holdings, Inc., owners, operators, and franchises of several nationally recognized restaurant brands have announced they have obtained gaming licenses for their Durban South Africa Hooters locations.

Two consoles were successfully installed in December and are now alive and contributing to revenue. The company expects three more consoles to be installed in January, bringing the total to five for this location. The company expects to receive additional licenses for other South African locations except for the location of the Imperial Palace casino.

Mike Pruitt, chief executive officer of Chanticleer Holdings, said, “We are excited to receive our gaming license following a nearly year-long process to install gaming machines in the Durban Hooters area. We believe this license has the potential to pave the way for adding gaming to the South African region, which offers strong and complementary new revenue. Durban is our original flagship area and houses South African company offices.

Chanticleer owns and operates five Hooters restaurants in South Africa, one in Durban, three in Johannesburg, and one in Pretoria.바둑이사이트

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