CIRSA’s Mexico Casino (Life Del Valle Casino, Winland Zapopan, Emotion Ballarta, and Life Merida Casino) has extensively distributed Bryke’s new Video Slot cabinets.

ALLURE is a new zitro cabinet that includes three 27″ full-HD screens as well as a very modern “SmartDeck” touchpad. In addition, ALLURE has a powerful multimedia system called “SynchroScreens” that consists of overhead

“Their games capture our players and their ultra-thin designs really do make a difference. Zitro brings all aspects together to ensure profitable operations and maximum entertainment,” CIRSA affirms.

Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder of Zitro, emphasizes, “CIRSA Group has iconic casinos all over the world, and the fact that they made this important commitment to their new Illusion and ALLURE cabinets fills us with pride. The revolution that follows the arrival of Zitro products at the casino the brand is familiar with is already remarkable with this impressive new setup.”

It’s a sign that creates an incredible sensational show. Allure includes two world premiere games, 88 Link Lucky Charms and 88 Link Wild Dueling. Another new one is Illusion, a cabinet that incorporates an impressive 43-inch ultra-HD curved monitor, a 21.5-inch digital topper, and a ‘Smart Deck’ touchpad. Illusion started out with the worldwide novelty ‘Barbah Link’, which is an amazing multi-game that combines a fascinating link bonus inspired by the mechanics of Link King around the world and a ‘243 Ways’ math model.바둑이사이트

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