Vinicius Racism makes me increasingly loath to play football.

Brazil’s national striker Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid) shed tears while expressing the wounds of racism that has been continuously suffered in La Liga.

Vinicius’ Brazil will have a friendly match with Spain at the Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid’s home ground, at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday. The match will also feature a “one skin” campaign against racism in the soccer community.

In an official press conference ahead of the match against Spain, Vinicius said he “became increasingly hateful to play football” due to repeated racism. Last season, as many as 10 cases of racism were reported to prosecutors in La Liga alone regarding Vinicius.

I don’t think about leaving Spain at all!

Vinicius, however, made it clear that he had no intention of leaving Spain despite his deep heartache, and that he would fight the racists to the end. “When you leave Spain, you listen to what the racists want, and that’s why I never intend to leave Spain,” he said.

“I will stay in Spain so that racists can continue to see more of my face,” he said.

Vinicius, born in 2000, has been active for six seasons since joining the Real Madrid team during the 2018-2019 season. He has consistently maintained his No. 1 position in Real Madrid by scoring 12 goals in 20 matches this season as well.

Vinicius said, “I’m a bold player, and I’ve lifted a lot of championship cups (League, Copa del Rey, Super Cup) in Real Madrid, but I don’t think I’m comfortable with a lot of people,” adding, “I want to play soccer, but it’s hard to 토토사이트, and I’m getting less and less inclined to play.”

Last week, Real Madrid complained after winning against Osasuna, pointing out that referee Martinez Munuera omitted fans’ racist abuse against Vinicius from his report. Osasuna denied that it was a racist chant from fans.

It has endured a great deal of racist violence.

Vinicius has endured a great deal of racist violence in recent seasons. Some fans shouted unacceptable and terrible slogans at Vinicius outside the football stadium when Real Madrid won the Madrid derby away from Atletico Madrid in September 2022, and in June, four fans who put up Vinicius dolls near the Real Madrid training ground were fined €60,000 and banned from the stadium for two years in January 2023, the three fans who made racist gestures against Valencia in May were fined €5,000 and banned from the stadium for a year. There were also reports of racist abuse directed at Vinicius in a multi-goal draw against Valencia (2 draws and 2 draws) in October and Barcelona in October this season.

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