The current situation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak is causing a ripple effect across sports, lottery and other gaming sectors. National lotteries, sportsbooks and other land-based operations are temporarily halting services. Spinola Gaming, the world’s leading digital and online lottery software provider is offering immediate support to operators in all parts of the world who are looking to switch their land-based lottery operation online in a very short timeframe, or those operators who are looking to keep players activated with high value jackpot products.

“We are ready and able to provide a quick and reliable solution that can immediately address the current unfortunate situation facing many in the industry,” said Spinola Gaming CEO Ade Repcenko. “These unprecedented times have highlighted how fragile certain business models can be, as more and more countries enforce lockdowns making traditional physical lottery ticket purchase no longer an option for players. The need for National Lottery operators to make the shift and be available online in order to continue to reach their players is imperative. We are offering a way to quickly convert to an online operation, in order to keep players engaged and to continue to provide draws to their players, and most importantly continue to support the good causes that land-based charity lotteries contribute towards.”

For existing online operators in the casino and sportsbook sectors who need to fill a void and keep their players engaged, Spinola Gaming is offering a fully integrated solution that provides multi-million jackpots from popular lotteries across the globe. Large jackpots in the form of lottery draws have been proven to boom during similar economic declines and recessions, as they offer players the opportunity to drastically change their financial situation in an instant. Spinola Gaming’s lottery products with high-value jackpots can be effectively used as reactivation and retention tools for current players.

Spinola Gaming provides a fully managed online lottery solution and handles all aspects of integration, setup, support and ongoing software requirements to ensure your lotteries remain active even in challenging times. Their products are available through most major aggregation networks which means they can be up and running for your business with immediate effect. 바둑이사이트

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