This month, Atlantic Lottery once again added fresh and exciting online content to the platform. Deuce Wild, an instant winning game, is one of the new products released on the website this month. The title comes with a low-cost entry and offers top prizes ranging from C$900 to C$60,000.

ALC is a state-run organization formed by four Atlantic states, overseeing online and retail lottery and gambling offerings in the region. ALC, like other Crown corporations in Canada, is also reinvesting 100% of its revenue into the local economy of the four states. Provides enormous financial support for education, healthcare, and the community.

Deuce Wild is an instant winning game that offers players the highest prize money of 900-60,000 CA$, and the entry cost is relatively low because it is between 0.10-3 CA$. The probability of winning is one in two-and-a-half, which is 85% theoretical. Players must press each card suit symbol to display the Wild 2, Card, or Joker Hat symbol.

If the Wild 2 symbol is released, participants can receive a prize with two cards. You can also meet Double Wild 2 Symbols and Triple Wild 2 to receive the prize. You can receive several products. There is also a bonus mode, which is activated when more than three Joker Hat symbols are released.

In this mode, the player must press the circular arrow to turn the wheel to obtain additional prizes. This mode accumulates until the end of the product. Landing a black X removes the Joker hat and exits game mode.

You also have the option to run the game until it completes automatically. This is possible by clicking the Show all button. This will continue the gameplay until all selections have been made and the prizes have been awarded. And when the bonus is activated, the player must make a selection and then press Show All again to complete the bonus game until the end.

Crown Agency also introduced a new baseball promotion on the PRO•LINE online platform. Betters who bet at least CA$25 on baseball events from May 2, 2022 to June 5, 2022 can receive CA$15 tokens. During the promotion period, 5 bets can receive up to 5 tokens.

Earlier this year, ALC announced an interesting new contract with Neo Pollard Interactive. Through this collaboration, the latter is currently providing content from the NeoGames Studio library. The contract will continue for the next five years, and if both sides are satisfied with the results, there is also a renewal option.

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