‘The Road Warriors’ Canada heads to France next summer.

According to FIBA.com, the Canadian national team has advanced to the 2024 Olympics.

Canada assembled an elite team ahead of this tournament. Although Andrew Wiggins (Golden State) and Jermall Murray (Denver) were unable to join, they had enough power to beat any other winning candidates. Canada, who defeated France in the early stages of the finals, eventually qualified for the Olympics.

As soon as Canada achieved its current strength in the 2023 Basketball World Cup, it was likely that it would advance to the Olympics. This is because two Olympic tickets were allocated to the Americas through the World Cup. Performance may have been the key, but realistically, it was difficult for Mexico and Brazil to exert much effort, so it was thought that the United States and Canada would get the tickets to Paris. Canada advanced to the Olympics with a performance that matched expectations.

Initially, this tournament might not be easy for Canada. This is because the group formation was not easy. Not only were they in a group with France and Latvia in the first round of the finals, but if they advanced to the second round, they had to face Spain, the winner of the previous tournament. However, Canada passed the finals with ease. In the first game, they won 95-65 against France, effectively confirming their advancement to the second round.

They showed off their powerful offensive power by scoring over 95 points at the first gate of the finals, and also achieved a comfortable 101-75 victory over Latvia, which had beaten France. In the second round, they suffered an unexpected blow to Brazil and suffered their first loss of the tournament. However, Canada, who showed great determination, won 88-85 in the subsequent game against Spain, finishing first in the group in the second round and confirming their advancement to the finals.

There are currently eight countries in the World Cup quarterfinals, including Canada and the United States, as well as Italy, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, and Slovenia. Two countries from America and six countries from Europe will challenge for the top spot. Canada has enough power to hunt for a medal and the performance to challenge for the championship.

With this advance, Canada will enter the Olympics for the first time since 2000. Canada, which had not been able to properly compete in international competitions, began to have its proud NBA players join the national team in earnest starting with the final qualifying round for the 2020 Olympics. Unfortunately, they were unable to participate in the last Olympics, but many big leaguers worked together and enjoyed the joy of advancing to the Olympics.

Meanwhile, Canada will face Slovenia, led by Luka Doncic (Dallas), on the 6th in the first hurdle of the upcoming finals. Canada, led by Shay Gilgeous-Alexander (Oklahoma City), is not behind at all. Although he may be slightly behind in the sign competition, it is predicted that he will be superior in other positions. If they beat Slovenia, they will face the winner of Lithuania and Serbia for a spot in the finals.

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