To become a ‘Wolcle (World Class)’, ‘Superstar’, it is important not only to have excellent skills, but also to think of your fans. Like the adage, ‘Without fans, there are no players’, fan service must be supported by default.

In that respect, Elling Hollan (Manchester City) is sufficiently ‘Worckle’. He has the qualifications to become a ‘superstar’. Having already conquered the English Premier League (EPL) stage by becoming the top scorer (36 goals) last season with his outstanding skills, he showed great fan service as well.

He is so famous that even people who don’t know much about football in Korea have heard his name at least once. As soon as he entered Incheon International Airport, he greeted the fans who welcomed him with a bright smile. Then, during the open training session on the 29th, he reciprocated the enthusiastic support of the fans by greeting and signing autographs.

The fan service did not end here. Halan did not head straight to the locker room after the match against Atletico Madrid on the 30th. He went to the stands and said his last goodbyes to the fans, and he even handed over the uniform he was wearing to the fans. And his fan service was especially compared to Cristiano Ronaldo ( Al Nasr), who visited Korea in 2019.

In 2019, Ronaldo, who belonged to Juventus at the time, kept only the bench in the confrontation with the K-League All-Stars. The organizers of the friendly match advertised that they would ‘play unconditionally’, but in the end they did not step on the ground. He didn’t get up from the bench except when he went into the locker room at halftime, and when the fans booed and chanted his rival ‘Messi’, he made a disgruntled look and left right after the game was over.

It was after that that Ronaldo, who received a lot of criticism for his ‘no show’, received even more harsh criticism. At the time, he expressed his position that he felt muscle pain and could not participate, but after returning to Juventus, he posted a video of running on a treadmill with the sentence ‘Nice to back home’ through social media. While forgetting about fan service, such as not even saying hello to fans in Korea, they even completely ignored them.

In the end, Ronaldo was completely ignored by domestic fans after the ‘no show’ incident. In the end, it was even called ‘No Show Doo’ and ‘Nal Gang Doo’. Since then, he has been on the cutting board several times with his attitude toward fans. In particular, he faced strong criticism last year when he robbed the cell phone of a young fan suffering from autism and behavioral problems.

On the other hand, despite the delay in the kick-off due to heavy rain as well as the hot weather, Hollan responded by waving to the fans and showed great fan service by handing out uniforms. He was visibly comparable. He has the qualities to be a true ‘Wolcle’ and ‘Superstar’.


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