Pep Guardiola’s highest-paid scenario

There is a scenario in which Manchester City coach will become the highest-paid among the world’s head coaches, beating Diego Simeone (54, Argentina), Atletico Madrid coach, and Roberto Mancini (59, Italy). It has been argued that Manchester City will make an unconventional offer to catch Guardiola, who is likely to put down the baton at the end of next season.

The British media Mirror reported on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) that “Mansur bin Zayed Al Nahyan (53, United Arab Emirates), the owner of Manchester City, plans not to let Guardiola leave after his contract expires next season,” adding, “Mansur has already invited Guardiola to his house to discuss details (about the re-contract) and is reportedly launching an attractive offensive to catch him.”

Mansour is actively trying to catch Guardiola because it has recently been predicted that Guardiola will put down the baton of Manchester City at the end of next season. After winning four consecutive English Premier League titles last season, Guardiola hinted at the possibility of separation, saying, “It is more realistic to leave than to remain,” and observers said Guardiola was inclined to choose a beautiful separation next summer.

In particular, Guardiola is expected to leave for a new challenge because he has no motivation as he has achieved all the wins he can achieve in Manchester City, including the EPL, UEFA Champions League (UCL), FIFA Club World Cup, English Football Association (FA) Cup, and English Football League (EFL) Carabao Cup. Naturally, Manchester City, led by Guardiola, has moved to the last atmosphere of next season.

It has grown United into a club that represents the world.

However, Manchester City still have a lot of work to do, and like former Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson (82, Scotland), Manchester City said it would hold on to Guardiola’s leadership for a long time. Ferguson took the helm of Manchester United in 1986 and led the team for 27 years until 2013. During this period, he led the team by leading the team to numerous victories and emerge as a global representative.

In the meantime, Manchester City plans to persuade Guardiola by banking on his enormous salary and bonuses. The exact amount of his annual salary has not been announced yet, but it is expected that his salary will double as much as possible. According to a report released last month by Front Office Sports, a global sports finance consulting firm, Guardiola’s annual salary is currently 22 million dollars. If the salary is doubled, it will be 44 million dollars.

If Guardiola changes his mind and accepts Mancini’s offer to renew his contract, he will become the highest paid coach in the world, beating Simeone and Mancini. Simeone and Mancini have been paid 30 million dollars and 25 million dollars, respectively, ranking first and second in the world’s top pay rankings. Guardiola is also in the third place.

According to a survey conducted by 토토사이트, Guardiola, who took the helm of Manchester City in 2016, has won 349 games (57 draws and 66 losses) while coaching a total of 472 games for eight years. The winning rate is as high as 73.9 percent. During this period, he won numerous trophies and demonstrated his true value as a world renowned maestro. He won six trophies in the EPL alone, and also won the UCL, which has been Man City’s long-cherished dream. In addition, Guardiola won 17 trophies in total, including one FIFA Club World Cup, two FA Cups, and four EFL Carabao Cups.

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