“We want to face Panasonic in the semifinals”

In the 2023 KOVO Cup group stage, OK Finance Group’s coach Ogino Massage, who succeeded in advancing to the semifinals with 2 wins and 1 loss, and Apogee Shin Ho-jin unanimously pointed to Panasonic (Japan) as their opponent in the semifinals.

OK Financial Group won Woori Card 3-2 (25-23 19-25 25-18 23 -25 15-13). OK Financial Group, who won 2 wins and 1 loss, will stand on the semi-final stage with Korean Air (2 wins) ahead of the last game in Group A. The opponents for the semi-finals will be decided after the 1st and 2nd places in the group are divided in the confrontation between Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Panasonic, which confirmed their advance to the semi-finals of Group B on the 11th.
Massage coach Ogino, who took over as the commander of OK Financial Group during the off-season, successfully passed the first hurdle by reaching the semi-finals in the first official competition.

After entering the interview room after the match, Ogino replied in Korean, “Thank you.” “I think I’ve shown everything I’ve practiced so far on the group stage,” he said. “I’ll start again with a challenger’s heart from the semifinals.”

Asked what the difference was from the 2-3 defeat against Korean Air on the 8th, coach Ogino said, “Our team is confident in its physical strength. I had a lot of hard training. Technically, there were fewer mistakes than the Korean Air match. That’s the secret of today’s victory.” OK Financial Group recorded a 44.68% attack success rate, falling behind Woori Card of 48.50%, and blocking was also 9-14. In the crime room, there were 24 fewer attacks than Woori Card , and it was a decisive victory factor.

When asked which team, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance or Panasonic, he wanted for the semifinals, coach Ogino said, “Panasonic as expected. I hope the players will learn a lot from facing the Japanese team. In particular, I hope to learn how Panasonic’s outside hitters such as Shimizu and Nakamoto attack in a situation where two-blocking follows, and what course they hit.” He added, “If we were to score what our players showed in the three games of this tournament, we could give them 70 points.”
Shin Ho-jin, who scored 25 points and scored the most at OK Financial Group, entered the interview room as a distinguished player. Shin Ho-jin, who was not very happy with the victory, replied, “Thanks to my brothers, I advanced to the semi-finals.” On this day, Shin Ho-jin scored 25 points, but he made 11 errors. He was close to half of the team’s total offense.

Shin Ho-jin also picked Panasonic as the team he wants to face in the semifinals. The reason is that he is a fan of Kunihiro Shimizu. He said, “When I was young, I learned a lot by watching Shimizu’s videos. Ogi-san (Director Ogino) also said he wanted to compete with Panasonic. So, I can also look forward to how well my skills will work against Panasonic in the semifinals. I want to bump into them once,” he said.

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