Gateway Casino and Entertainment have begun the resumption process of accommodation across Ontario. On the evening of Monday, May 1, 2023, work was officially resumed on the game floor, which sees the Playtime Casino Wasa, and is now fully operational. The property hasn’t worked for just two weeks since the company was attacked on April 16.

Gateway Casino and Entertainment is one of the top operators of land casinos in Canada, with 14 locations in Ontario, 15 in British Columbia and two in Alberta. Currently, the company employs approximately 7,000 people and has approximately 369 table games, 14,284 slots, 95 food and beverage outlets and 564 hotel rooms throughout its properties in Canada.

Late last week, the operator reported that it would begin a phased resumption of its casino site in Ontario, and the process is currently underway. Wasaga Beach Casino opened at around 8 p.m. on Monday evening. Earl Bale, a local gambler, was one of many waiting to open, and he headed straight to the roulette table.

Earlier on Saturday, the operator resumed work at Gateway Casino Innisphill, which welcomed the VIP, around noon. Slots and table games are available to customers at the venue. In addition, the operator reported that the Gateway restaurant has also resumed operations and is currently accepting reservations and welcoming guests.

In a recent press release, the game leader said he would continue to open sites throughout the province. However, it is still unclear what places and when they will open. Currently, there is no exact date for the casino llamas in Oriya. Over the weekend, however, the company convinced customers that live shows at concerts and venues would be held as scheduled.

On Saturday, the company also resumed operations at Gateway Casino London, which now welcomes returning guests and conducts routine gambling activities regularly. Both slot games and table games are available from 12 p.m. on Saturday. In addition, the gateway restaurant of the property is also in operation and reservations are accepted.

In a statement, the company thanked customers, employees and government partners for their patience during downtime while addressing technology issues. It also said it will continue to work with third-party experts to determine whether it has affected personal information despite the unfortunate incident, providing the public with the latest updates.

Experts say there is a possibility of information being leaked
Shortly after news broke that cyberattacks on gateway casinos and entertainment had disrupted the system as a whole, Carmi Levy, a technology expert, made a few remarks about the situation. He explained that one of the biggest concerns regarding ransomware attacks is that personal data can be compromised. According to his expert opinion, this is also a very likely outcome in this case.

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