Harry Kane is expected to remain at Tottenham Hotspur if negotiations are not finalized before the start of the English Premier League

“Kane is expected to remain if Bayern Munich cannot reach an agreement with Tottenham within two weeks before the start of the season. He believes it is unfair to leave the team after the season begins. “At the same time, this position is also what I want Tottenham to make a decision quickly.”

The media continued, “Munich is confident of signing the contract and is ready to make a new official bid soon. The amount is £85 million (approximately 140 billion won) plus a bonus option. Recently, Chairman Daniel Levy and Jan Christian The meeting with Munich CEO Driessen was positive, but Tottenham are asking for at least £100m (about 164.7 billion won).”

Kane is Tottenham’s best star and key player. A graduate of the club’s youth academy, he gained experience on loan at Leicester City and elsewhere in his early professional career. And since 2014, when Mauricio Pochettino took over, he began to take charge of Tottenham’s frontline in earnest.

Having just turned 30, he has already risen to the ranks of Tottenham’s legends. Kane scored his 267th goal in Tottenham’s career in February, becoming the club’s all-time leading scorer. He also scored 213 goals in the English Premier League (EPL) alone so far. It is not far behind Alan Shearer’s (260 goals) record for most goals.

He also performed well this season. He played in all 38 EPL matches and scored 30 goals. He was not the top scorer behind Erling Haaland (Manchester City, 36 goals). However, except for Son Heung-min, who scored 10 goals in the league, it can be seen that Kane alone led the team firmly even in a situation where other attackers showed a relatively disappointing appearance.

However, despite Kane’s presence, Tottenham did not achieve much. Not only was it unable to compete in the European competition next season in 8th place in the league, but it was also unrelated this time again. The European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), which they participated in after a long time, was eliminated in the round of 16, and the English FA Cup and the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) also finished early.

The possibility of transfer arose naturally. There was a similar situation before. Kane scored 23 goals and 14 assists in the league in the 2020-21 season, winning the top scorer and the top assist. However, Tottenham stopped being unrelated, and Kane requested a transfer to the club. At the time, it was linked with Man City, but Tottenham adhered to the position of not selling, and Kane also remained.

Kane has a contract with Tottenham until the summer of 2024. There is still one year left on his contract, but there is still no news of contract renewal. Because of this, he is highly likely to transfer this summer. From the end of the season, he has already been linked with teams that need to recruit forward strikers such as Manchester United, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

At first, Manchester United showed an active move. Manchester United have made impressive progress this season after appointing Eric ten Haag as manager. Climbing to 3rd place in the league, he earned the right to participate in the UCL next season. And won the EFL Cup. Now, ahead of the new season, they are strengthening their power for a bigger goal. One of the positions they are looking for is a striker.

Currently, Manchester United do not have a competitive striker. Cristiano Ronaldo drew attention when he returned two years ago, but left the team after controversy during last season. Accordingly, in January, Boot Verhost was urgently hired to fill the void, but it was not a resource that would be responsible for scoring. Anthony Martial is also prone to frequent injuries.

Accordingly, Manchester United searched for a new striker and put Kane on the scout list. However, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy made it clear that he could not sell Kane to rivals in the league. In the process, it is known that Manchester United asked Kane to request a transfer. It was to convince Tottenham.

Nonetheless, no clear negotiations were forthcoming. In the midst of this, Munich jumped into the scout. Munich is in a similar situation. They have had their best striker in the past few seasons in Robert Lewandowski. Having played in Munich since 2014 and won the top scorer in the German Bundesliga for as many as six seasons, he left for Barcelona ahead of last season.

At the time, Munich had signed Sadio Mane, but he was not a professional striker. Munich, who started the season without a clear replacement for Lewandowski, was clearly a bit off in the front line. The top scorer in the team was Serge Gnabri (14 goals), who can play both as a side striker and forward. Eric Chupo-Moting, who previously played as Lewandowski’s backup, scored 10 goals.

Both players weren’t bad. However, Munich clearly wanted a player to fill the void left by Lewandowski, and set out to recruit Kane. Finally, at the end of June, reporter Christian Polk of Germany’s ‘Bild’, who was familiar with Munich news, said, “Munich and Kane reached an agreement in principle over this summer’s transfer. Now, what remains is an agreement between Munich and Tottenham.”

Also, the news that director Thomas Tuchel met with Kane and even had a conversation flowed out. Reporter Polk said in early July, “Coach Tuchel met with Kane in London and talked about the transfer. Kane appealed to Coach Tuchel that his goal was to lift the UCL championship in Munich.”

Following the personal agreement with Kane, he even had a meeting with coach Tuchel. All that really remained was an agreement with Tottenham. In fact, Munich made two official offers to Tottenham. But all were rejected. Reporter Florian Plettenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ said on his SNS on the 9th of last month, “Munich made the first offer with a bonus option added to 70 million euros (about 99.1 billion won), but it was rejected by Tottenham.”

“Munich has now sent a second transfer offer. The amount is 80 million euros (approximately 113.2 billion won), including a bonus option,” he said. However, a response came from Tottenham a day after the news was delivered. Again, it was NO.

Afterwards, news came that Munich was preparing a third proposal. However, this did not progress quickly. Previously, on the 22nd of last month, the British’Football Insider’ said, “Kane has no plans to renew his contract with Tottenham this summer. will do,” he reported. It was planned to start in earnest at the end of July.

Continuing to support Kane’s move to Munich, arguments were raised. Reporter Polk said on the 23rd, “Kane’s wife has already come to the city of Munich to tour her school and house.” She said that she was looking for a school for her children and a house to live in preparation for her future life in Munich.

In the process, Tottenham put up various things as a condition of renewal to catch Kane. First of all, it was a huge increase in weekly wages. The British ‘Telegraph’ said, “Tottenham will offer a weekly wage of 400,000 pounds (about 660 million won), but money is not an issue in Kane’s decision. You have to convince them that they can succeed,” he said.

According to football statistics media ‘Spottrak’, Tottenham’s weekly wage of 400,000 pounds is the same as that of Kevin the Brawiner (Man City), who ranks first in the EPL annual salary. Currently, Kane is known to be receiving £200,000 a week (about 330 million won). It is an exceptional treatment that doubles it. But what Kane wants is to add trophies to his career.

Here is not the end. Tottenham wants to provide the opportunity to continue his career after retirement at the club. Tottenham are trying to provide an opportunity for Kane to take up a coaching job at the club once he finishes his playing career. In the past, Ledley King and Ryan Mason started their leadership lives in this way.

In this regard, the British ‘Daily Mail’ said in the middle of last month, “Tottenham is trying to get Kane to sign a new contract in any way. It will also provide an opportunity to play a coaching role in the

However, these efforts seem to have been ineffective. In the end, it was reported that the owner of Joe Louis thought it would be better to sell Kane this time if the contract was not extended because he could not lose Kane next summer as a free agent (FA). As the situation progressed, there were also rumors that Manchester United might jump into the scouting process again.

However, British reporter Simon Stone said on the 24th, “Killian Mbappe, as well as Kane, are not currently Manchester United’s target for recruitment. Manchester United’s position will not change.” did

Munich’s original plan was to conclude an agreement with Tottenham last week. According to ‘Sky Sports’ reporter Plettenberg, Munich CEO Jan-Christian Dresen will not be accompanying the club on the club’s Asian tour, instead meeting with Levy last Friday. However, this was canceled by Tottenham.

Nevertheless, Munich did not give up and approached again this week. Germany’s ‘Bild’ said on the 31st, “CEO Jan Christian Dresen and team planner Marco Nefe were caught boarding a private plane at a private airport located west of Munich. Now they will go to London to meet Chairman Levy.” .

“Munich has a plan to complete the agreement on the transfer of Tottenham and Kane this week. It is known that this was because the chairman was overworked after the Asian tour, and it was also because there was a commotion, such as the indictment of owner Joe Louis.”

In this situation, Kane’s position was conveyed. Kane is considering staying if negotiations are not completed before the start of the 2023-24 season. Of course, he doesn’t sign a new contract right away. ‘Evening Standard’ said, “Kane will extend his contract if Tottenham under Posteco Glu show a significant improvement.”

At the same time, the media said, “However, if Kane does not renew the contract with Tottenham, he can pre-negotiate with other teams according to the Bosman rule in January next year, when the contract period is six months away. And next summer, free agency (FA ),” he predicted.

In fact, it is still a headache for Postecoglu. Now with only two weeks left until the start of the season, Kane is already digesting all of Tottenham’s pre-season schedule. Also, manager Postecoglu continues to employ Kane.

In both matches played during the Asian tour, Kane started. The match against Leicester City, which was canceled due to heavy rain, was originally scheduled to start. However, if Kane leaves, of course a replacement will urgently join, and manager Postecoglu will have to reorganize the attacking team.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min, who boasted the best teamwork with Kane, said he would respect any decision he made. The two players recorded the most joint goals in EPL history, beating the Chelsea legend Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba (36 goals) in February of last year. Until last season, that record was on the way, but if Kane leaves, it will finish at 47 goals.

Son Heung-min, who has been in a relationship with Kane for 8 years, said, “I have nothing to say about Kane’s future because I don’t know anything. Whatever the decision, I respect it.”

At the same time, Son Heung-min said, “Kane is a really fantastic player. He is professional and always tries hard. It’s not easy because there are various rumors going around now, but he still doesn’t lose focus. Kane is currently enjoying training with this team, and I I love him as a player.”

At the same time, “Kane has consistently been the best striker in the world for 5, 6 and 7 years. As a striker, he always plays hard and works hard. When we lose possession of the ball, we do our best to get it back. He is a great example. It’s always fun to play with Kane.”

If Kane moves to Munich, he will leave Son Heung-min and keep pace with another Korean star, Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae won the best Italian defender award while playing for Napoli last season, and contributed to the team’s rise to the top of Italy’s Serie A after 33 years. This attracted the attention of many teams, and eventually wore a Munich uniform.

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