Al Nasr announced hat they had recruited striker Sadio Mane through their official social network service (SNS). His contract is for four years, until 2027, and he wears the number 10 shirt.

Mane’s former club Munich also announced his move to Al Nasr. Having played only one year in Munich, he left the European stage after scoring 12 goals in 38 matches.

There were rumors that Manet would move to Saudi Arabia from mid-July.

Mane has left Liverpool for a new challenge ahead of the 2022/23 season. He scored 120 goals in 268 matches for Liverpool and made a name for himself as the best striker, but moved to Germany on a move to Munich.

Munich paid Liverpool 40 million euros (about 57.1 billion won) to bring Mane.

However, I was very disappointed with the expected score, and the team atmosphere was clouded by discord and assault with my teammates. Mane sparked controversy when he punched Sane in the face after arguing with him in the locker room after a 0-3 defeat to Manchester City in the first leg of the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals in March

At the time, the locals expressed negative opinions about Mane’s assault to the point of even publishing an article saying, “He must be released.”

The Munich club officially announced that the party, Sane, did not want a strong punishment, and only punished Mane with a fine and a one-game suspension. Afterwards, Mane, who returned to the club, showed reconciliation with Sane, and afterwards, he participated in training hard and expressed his will to remain in Munich.

However, Munich decided to break up with Mane, who caused controversy by beating a colleague, as his performance did not live up to expectations even though he was recruited for a considerable transfer fee, although it had only been a year since he was recruited.

Munich and Al Nasr toured Asia in Japan during pre-season. In addition, the player’s agent went to Japan and negotiations were able to be carried out quickly.

Sky Sports German reporter Florian Plettenberg said on the 26th, “Mane’s agent, Bjorn Bezemer, is having talks with Al Nasr in Tokyo.” “There has still been no agreement or concrete offer,” he said. “Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel approved the transfer. Instead, Mane made a good impression during training sessions:”.

The reporter revealed that Mane’s transfer fee, which Munich wants, is about 32 million euros (about 45.2 billion won), including options. This is more than enough for Al-Nasr to agree on.

Mane conducted a medical test in Dubai, UAE on the 1st and successfully completed the transfer process. He now plays in Saudi Arabia alongside Ronaldo and other players who have played in Europe, including Marcelo Brozovic, Alex Telles and Seko Popana.

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