There is a pivotal hitter who does not enjoy the second-place miracle of the KT Wiz. That is Baekho Kang. I went down to the 2nd group twice for rest because my body and mind were exhausted.

now stand up again KT coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “Kang Baek-ho joined the fostering army today,” and “Now we are going into technical training in earnest.”

Kang Baek-ho, who became the center of the team after joining in 2018, has been consistently active as a central hitter and has led KT’s batting line. In 2021, he played an active role as the 4th hitter and contributed to KT’s first win. No one doubted the genius hitter’s winning streak.

But last year, I went through an ordeal for the first time. He took a long hiatus from injury, but has since returned but has been sluggish at batting.

The annual salary has also skyrocketed every year, but this year, he signed at 290 million won, a whopping 47.3%, or 260 million won. Kang Baek-ho prepared this season with enthusiasm.

Although he showed a disappointing appearance at the World Baseball Classic in March, he was evaluated as having prepared well with a good hitting feeling.

In the regular season, it was good at the beginning, but it was sluggish in May, and it was criticized by fans for showing a disappointing appearance in defense. Afterwards, he suffered psychological difficulties, and eventually went down to the 2nd team and took a break. He returned in July but went down again early in the second half.

As the break lengthened, questions arose as to whether Kang Baek-ho would be able to participate in the Asian Games.

However, coach Lee said, “I don’t have an injury, so if I prepare from now on, I can go to the Asian Games.”

Kang Baek-ho’s performance this season is a batting average of .261 (53 hits in 203 bats), 6 home runs and 32 RBIs in 57 appearances.

Will Kang Baek-ho be able to show off the powerful hitting of the past? It is Kang Baek-ho who has to fuel KT’s rise, which showed a miracle of rising to second place, and who has to play an active role as a center hitter in the Asian Games, where Lee Jung-hoo missed due to an injury.

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