Professional volleyball OK Financial Group lifted the trophy for the first time since its foundation, and “Daishin” Shin Ho-jin, who shot 34 points on the day, was selected as the MVP.

OK Financial Group took the throne after defeating Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 3-1 (25-23 22-25 25-23 25-20) in the final of the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup professional volleyball tournament held at Gumi Park Chung-hee Gymnasium on the 13th. Shin Ho-jin, who was nominated by OK Financial Group as the No. 1 player in the first round of the rookie draft last year, led the victory and won the MVP award.
Both teams made a surprise by defeating the strong teams that had won all their matches in the group stage the day before and made it to the final with difficulty, so they couldn’t back down easily. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance captured Korean Air, the ‘defending champion’ of this tournament, who achieved the ‘Treble’ last season, and OK Financial Group advanced to the final by beating Panasonic, a Japanese invitational team that was running on a winning track.

It was a match worthy of the finals. The two teams maintained a sense of tension by alternating points from the beginning of the game, as if they were not going to lose momentum even for a moment. Until the third set, which was the point of victory, they maintained a narrow score difference and went back and forth between ties and reverses.

It was like a ‘fight between spear and shield’. When Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance launched a unique quick attack, OK Financial Group countered with waterless blocking. When OK Financial Group won the first set by succeeding in 4 blocks, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance took the second set by raising the attack success rate.

However, it was difficult to stop Shinhojin’s momentum. Even in a situation where concentration could be lost due to a long rally, Shin Ho-jin accurately attacked the opponent’s gap with a powerful back attack. While scoring 34 points, he made only 5 mistakes, boasting an overwhelming attack success rate (72.3%). He has the highest offensive success rate among players with 30 or more points in all-time competitions. Cha Ji-hwan also contributed with 23 points. OK Financial Group lifted the championship trophy in front of 2,285 spectators by winning the 3rd and 4th sets in succession with the two players’ twins.

This is a valuable achievement achieved in two months after taking over as new head coach. Ogino Massage OK Financial Group coach reorganized the blocking system after joining the team last June, putting the team that was in the lower ranks into the ranks of the strong teams at once. He also succeeded in building a team color by putting his strengths in defense, such as blocking and receiving efficiency, at the forefront.

Coach Ogino, who said, “I didn’t even think about winning the tournament,” said, “I also told you not to call me ‘coach’. He revealed that the manager, coach, and players are all having fun playing volleyball in a flat environment, not in a top-down relationship.”

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