Garuba has not been called up to any other club since his release, according to Sporttrack reporter Keith Smith.

Garuba, who did not avoid release this month, was traded from the Houston Rockets to the Atlanta Hawks during the season and from Atlanta to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and later said, “I came to the team I wanted to play,” expressing his intention to do his best to prepare for the upcoming 2023-2024 season at Oklahoma City.

However, the reason why Oklahoma City was unable to gather strength was because there were already many players in Oklahoma City, and Oklahoma City decided not to join after thinking about it, and there was no aspect expected when it was recruited as a trade, and Garuba was disappointed after his rookie contract was released.

After his release, he could have continued his existing contract if he had been asked to do so, but given that other clubs did not call him, he did not have to invest next season’s annual salary (about $2.59 million) under the rookie contract.

Garuba, who is eligible to sign for another team from the first round, is eligible to join Spain’s 2023 Basketball World Cup squad and play for another team, and the young player, still in his early 20s, remains a valuable prospect, it’s no surprise to give the club a chance to rebuild, although it’s limited in strength right now.

Last season, he played for Houston in 75 games, scoring 3 points (.486.407.617) and 4.1 rebounds per game, but showed limitations, especially not being able to form ties with Houston and Oklahoma City, which are undergoing massive reconstruction.

However, I may be called on condition to play on the training ground before the upcoming season, or I may have a no-guarantee contract, or I’m a small big man, but it’s not bad as a card to prepare for emergencies, it’s actually been Houston’s backup center for the past two seasons, and it’s still possible to be a third center.

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