Tottenham lost 0-2 to Manchester City, and Manchester City manager said this.

[Guardiola/Manchester City Manager: {Do you now understand the ‘squeaky time’ Fergus was talking about? You must have felt pressured by Son Heung-min’s chance. Right? Yes, I now understand what Ferguson meant.]

This is because Ferguson called the moment when the tension was at its peak just before winning the championship a “creaking bum time” and Guardiola used it again today.

In the 41st minute of the second half, in the decisive 1-1 chance created by Son Heung-min, Guardiola sat down and was nervous, but the ball was blocked by the Manchester City goalkeeper.

[Guardiola/Manchester City manager: Arsenal were destined to be champions if goalkeeper Ortega didn’t save us.]

It’s not because Son Heung-min was unlucky, but because goalkeeper Ortega defended him well.

“Do you know how hard Son Heung-min has been for us over the past seven to eight years?” he asked.

Whenever he faced Manchester City, Son Heung-min scored a goal, so Guardiola was anxious until the end.

Is it because of the disappointment of not scoring a goal and the relief of not losing a point?

After the game, the two talked for a while.

Wasn’t it time to respect and celebrate each other?


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