Expectations for Kim Min-jae, who made his debut in Bayern Munich, are rising.

Kim Min-jae made his Bayern Munich debut by starting in the pre-season match against Kawasaki Frontale held in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th. Bayern Munich, led by Kim Min-jae for the 45th minute of the first half, recorded a scoreless victory over Kawasaki Frontale 1-0.

After Kim Min-jae’s debut match at Bayern Munich, the local media in Germany continued to praise him.

‘Kim Min-jae made his debut 11 days after joining Bayern Munich. Kim Min-jae is a unique player who is calm when holding the ball and possesses strong physicality and speed. He said that it was enough to convince his new teammates, ‘and’ Kim Min-jae provided a sense of stability to the team without an adjustment period. Upamecano will be difficult to play as Bayern Munich’s main centre-back next season,’ he said.

German media TZ also said, ‘Kim Min-jae showed impressive figures in the Kawasaki Frontale match. He won 100% of the ball contention and recorded the 3rd most ball touches in the field with 70 ball touches,’ he said. ‘Kim Min-jae and Deritt are Bayern Munich’s new dream duo. Kim Min-jae provides stability to Bayern Munich’s defense with simple play. Upamecano often possesses the ball too long or tries adventurous passes and is not up to par.’

The German media kicker said, ‘There are four applicants in Bayern Munich who will use two center backs. Kim Min-jae and De Ridt could be Bayern Munich’s centre-back duo. After that, there are Upamecano and Pavard,’ after mentioning the competition for the position, and ‘Kim Min-jae, who will gain a sense of stability through the team adaptation period, will become the most stable defender in Bayern Munich. De Ridt, who will lead the defense’s communication, will be the leader of the defense. Parvad has a question. “He wants to play as a centre-back, but Bayern Munich won’t commit to that,” said Parvad.

The Bayern Munich team also praised Kim Min-jae. Bayern Munich defender De Ritt said of Min-jae Kim after the match against Kawasaki Frontale, “It’s always difficult to play in six weeks. Min-jae Kim sometimes doesn’t communicate with his teammates, but that’s normal.” He played a good game. I quickly learned the qualities that Min-jae Kim possesses. Min-jae Kim is very fast, very aggressive, and good at ball competition.”

“Kim Min-jae is a good player who is polite and very kind. Kim Mi-jae will have a lot of fun with us,” said Kim Mihi of Bayern Munich.

Regarding Kim Min-jae’s performance against Kawasaki Frontale, Bayern Munich’s Tuchel coach said, “Kim Min-jae performed well not only in defense but also in the front line. I am happy with Kim Min-jae’s performance. It was Kim Min-jae’s first match and Kim Min-jae is training hard.”

Bayern Munich, which is on an Asian tour during the preseason, moved to Singapore after the Kawasaki Frontale match. Bayern Munich, which plays a pre-season match against Liverpool in Singapore, will face off against Leipzig in the German Super Cup to be held on the 13th of next month.


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